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Boost your English language teaching career! Teach Business English.


 Hello. I’m Sara Helm, Business English trainer and author. I’m really looking forward to meeting you on one of our trainer training courses at EnglishMeansBusiness (EMB).

We specialise in English for business and specific purposes courses and trainer training, delivered from the UNESCO city of Bath (UK), other locations and online. 


Why teach Business English?

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Business English learners are extremely rewarding to teach because they bring experience, ideas and lesson content as well as a high degree of motivation to their training.

Enabling your learners to perform more effectively at work is very satisfying; you know that your teaching will have a positive, tangible and immediate impact on their lives.

We are always really excited to help you develop your career skills for teaching and training learners in work or preparing for work.


EMB offers two levels of course to cater to teachers with different amounts of Business English teaching experience. Both courses are delivered in a variety of ways to suit different learning preferences. Whether face to face, blended or online, all of our courses are trainer-managed; we are there with you all the way, giving you training, tips and feedback!  

If you are a qualified EFL teacher with little or no experience of teaching Business English or English for Specific Purposes, why not take our Teach Business English course? The Teach Business English course will give you a solid foundation and the confidence  to start teaching business English (or ESP). 

The Teach Business English course is available three times a year in Bath, UK (one-week group) and continuously online (flexible timings on a 1:1 basis). 


Click here for Face to Face Teach Business English


Click here for Online Teach Business English

The Teach Business English course also forms the first part of our longer course, the IBET (International Business English Training), which can lead to theTrinity Cert IBET qualification.

Once you have completed the Teach Business English course, if you gain 150 hours of business English teaching experience you have the option to take the second part of the IBET course. 

You can start The Online IBET course at any time. The course has flexible timings to suit your timetable and desired pace. 

Alternatively, if you wish to start the course in a group setting, we run a blended-learning course three times a year. This consists of a one-week in Bath (a.k.a. Teach Business English), followed by a flexibly-timed online component.  





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