Tele-Online Teach Business English


Tele-Online Teach Business English Course

Take Your First Steps to Teaching Business English. Learn at Your Own Pace! 

If you are a qualified EFL teacher (Cert TESOL / CELTA) who would like to start teaching English for Business, this course is essential! You’ll get expert preparation for taking those first steps on this 30-hour tele-online course. 

The course is delivered by highly experienced business English trainers and authors at EnglishMeansBusiness , based in the UNESCO city of Bath (UK).  

We draw on our extensive experience in the field of business English and intercultural communication to guide you through best practice in business English training.

Online Teach Business English Course at

Online Teach Business English Course at

Teach Business English Course Procedure

 Course Dates

You can start whenever you like from Jan 3 to December 22!

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2017 Fee   

£500 / €700 



We use the virtual learning environment (VLE), Edmodo. Go to Edmodo ( and create a STUDENT profile. We’ll then invite you to join your own private course. 

Course Procedure

You have up to a year to work through a stimulating series of videos, presentations, quizzes, and six online tutorials with flexible timings to gain a firm grounding in the basics of Business English teaching.


Course Materials 

We use our VLE to post all course materials such as video tutorials, reading booklets, quizzes, links to external resources and questions for you to answer.  

These can be uploaded to the cloud or downloaded to your computer. 


You’ll receive an EMB Teach Business English certificate. This will be posted in the VLE after the course. 

If you gain 150 hours business English or ESP teaching experience within the following 3 years you are eligible to take the second part of the Cert IBET course to gain the Trinity College London Cert IBET certificate (£400 + IBET Assignment Fee (currently £180)). 

Teach Business English Content and Application Procedure

Course Subjects

What is Business English?

Concepts and Language in  Business English

Methods, Approaches and Techniques

Needs Analysis

Exchanging Information





Course Subjects


Leading and Participating in Meetings


Business Writing

Materials and Resources

Professional Development

Business English Assessment and Evaluation


 Entry Requirements

English language teaching qualification 

CEFR C1+ English Level

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 How to Apply for an EnglishMeansBusiness

Teach Business English course

Please email us at:

Outline your:

  • nationality / location
  • qualifications 
  • teaching experience
  • current teaching situation (if applicable)
  • future teaching aims
  • and anything else you think would be useful


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